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Do you live in a house in Northland? Do you find yourself waking up most mornings with condensation on your windows and a damp feeling in the air? Do you get that damp, cold feeling on your clothes when you first put them on? You're not alone!

Moisture and cold air is a constant problem with most homes across New Zealand; ultimately leading to mould, condensation and allergy problems which affect around 1 in 5 New Zealanders. Each one of these homes however has an area of dry warm air in the cavity roof above which is naturally heated by the sun on a daily basis.

Our Home Ventilation Kits utilise this naturally warm, dry air and distribute it evenly throughout your home. Mr Electr City has been solving this problem for families all over Northland in a very efficient and cost effective way. This process also naturally pressurises your home pushing all moist cold air out. This is not only good for the contents of your home, it will also make your home noticeably warmer leading to drier, healthier, happier home for you and your family.

WE LOVE $20 LIGHT FITTINGS FROM OUR OPPOSITION... ...because it is so easy to make ourselves look terrific when their fittings fall apart in 6 months and they come to us for a real solution. We guarantee you will be as impressed with your new lighting design as all our other customers have been. Outdoor lighting, when done right, makes a house look fantastic.

DID YOU KNOW that every dollar spent in your garden will be replaced with $6 resale value on your property if it is done right, this is the best dollar ratio than any other part of your home.

Our highly qualified, experienced and friendly team are able to install all outdoor lighting with minimal disturbance to you and your family. We will also be happy to talk you through the easy to use controls, it couldn’t be simpler!

Tired of walking into your bathroom in the morning on to freezing cold tiles? Our customers’ faces after they walk into their newly finished rooms are all we need to know they are happy with their new purchase.

Radiant heat is literally heat in its purest form and is without doubt the best way to heat your rooms. We can arrange a time that suits you to discuss the best option for your house.

Advantages of underfloor heating:

  • Cost Effective - Our easy to use thermostats make sure your floor is only warm when YOU want it to be
  • Silence - Under-floor heating makes no noise whatsoever
  • Economic - As there are no pipes or water involved with our systems there is virtually no maintenance required and definitely no plumbers
  • Ideal Temperature - Room temperatures can be easily regulated with the thermostat so that the temperature of the floor is just right when you enter the room
  • Perfection - Our team will make sure your under-floor matting is carefully laid by hand, ensuring that each section is installed with absolute precision

Mr Electri City can fix anything to do with your stove and oven. Thermostat blown? Elements not working as they should? Call Mr Electri City.

From new cooker knobs to oven light bulbs, and all sorts of elements, Mr Electri City is your first and best place to call to get it sorted in time to get cooking again. Contact the team today!

LED Lighting is state of the art technology and the ideal visual effect for your business or home. This modern light source does not only project saturating colour, it is incredibly energy efficient and long lasting yet requires minimal maintenance. It can be changed to a specific colour at the touch of a button to suit any venue or event.

"HONEY, I need a band-aid, I just cut myself to bits with the razor again because you forgot to wipe down the steamed up mirror". Well if you had rung Mr Electri City like I told you to, they would have installed one of their high efficiency extraction fans by now and you wouldn't be in this mess again, and clean the blood off the vanity once you stop bleeding.

Mr Electri City has been installing new fan systems and changing existing ones. Our fans will not only clear your bathroom noticeably quicker, they will also increase the life of your bathroom so instead of painting walls you can relax. This process is extremely well priced and incredibly effective. We guarantee it!

While our fans will be more expensive than the special at the super centre but they will also move 3 to 6 times the air in the same amount of time. They are remarkable and look far better.

Our highly qualified, experienced and friendly team are able to install all extraction fans into your home with minimal disturbance to you and your family. We will also be happy to talk you through the easy to use controls, it couldn’t be simpler!

We have all done it! You wake up in the morning, jump in the shower then finish by grabbing a wet, cold towel to dry yourself with.

Heated towel rails are the perfect accompaniment and design statement in any bathroom and let's be honest there is nothing better than the feeling of a warm towel after an invigorating shower. No more 6 loads of washing and drying a week, this will save you money on washing alone, it will pay for itself in less than 12 months. Mr Electri City have access to a large and varied range of stainless towel rails and because of this we believe it will be hard not to find one that you love. Our quality range is made from highly polished stainless steel and assembled perfectly to give your bathroom a modern yet elegant finish.

How much will it cost me to run?

All our rails are designed to be extremely economical and hold as much heat as possible so they spend their time warming your towel to perfection and not your house. In addition to this our electrical technicians are able to discreetly install a small timer behind the switch of your new or even existing towel rail enabling you to decide exactly when you would like your towel rail to be on. Perfect!!

Have you ever worked with contractors that made promises they couldn't keep? are you worried about your project not meeting the time or budget? How do you feel about letting someone you don't trust into your home or business? Have you ever met a company that had so much confidence in their own systems that they are able to offer Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee's to their valued customers? Look no further!

Finally an electrical company that is concerned about their customers over the money in their pockets, not only will you receive fast and first class service from our well trained and tidy staff, you will also know that we are treating you like a customer that we want to keep for life. We will not overcharge as our number one concern is your repeat business and referrals to your friends and family. We understand that budgets are made to help your cash-flow and investment and we will do our best to stay inside these budgets by offering you a range of product that can be either quality or budget related.

Domestic (new installations)

Yes we will come out and visit you with lots of different ideas on how to get the best 'bang for your buck' with your new investment property or home. If it is your new home you are building and you want to have some extra bells and whistles but not to blow your budget then we will break all the possible extra options down with individual prices so you can pick and choose from these great options to suit inside your budget.

Every day new products come onto the market that are smaller, better, more energy efficient or just plain awesome so our constant communication with our suppliers keeps us up to speed with most new products. The breakdown of our quotations are very precise, this is done for no other reason than to prevent the scare of an outrageous 'extras bill' at the end of a project as it is all provided in black and white prior to commencement of the project.

Why does he have to loot my house while I am out struggling day to day to earning a good living for my family? The family heirlooms and jewellery are completely irreplaceable.I work hard to provide for me and my family, not some useless, unemployed low life that thinks he has the right to help himself to our belongings.

Not only will our home security system keep the low life criminals out of your precious home but it can also keep those lovely teenagers in the house while you sleep as well. Now that is peace of mind.

This is easily achieved with little magnetic switches on each window throughout your home that will allow the window to open wide enough to allow for a cool breeze but not enough for a teenager or criminal to gain entry or exit. The security system can be armed for the perimeter of your house while you are fast asleep, great for all that don't sleep well the creaks and groans from their home, wondering who is near by.

Mr Electri City can help you with all your surround sound and audio visual installation needs, ensuring the perfect set-up is created for you in your home, office or workspace.

From small speakers to large entertainment spaces, to outside living spaces and new buildings, they can wire you for sound and get the results you want.

Have you purchased a new television and need a new aerial point installed? Or need your television wired into the perfect space on your lounge wall – Call the team today and they will make it happen