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Automatic gates provide a stylish security solution in Whangarei, Northland

Thinking of upgrading your home or commercial premises with electric gates? Then look no further than Mr Electri City Electric Gates, Whangarei. Our expert professionals guarantee the highest standards in Northland when it comes to designing and installing your premium quality, fully customisable automatic gates.

Automatic residential gates

Sleep safe at night knowing your home and family are protected by the ultimate security solution with Mr Electri City Electric Gates. Our automatic residential gates are completely customisable, meaning we work with you to ensure that style and safety come together and leave you with a completely unique, tailor-made home safety system.

Commercial security gates

Our professionally installed commercial gates are an absolute essential for business owners in Northland. Your unique commercial security and access needs are at the forefront of our considerations when we are working with you to design, construct and install your tailor-made security automated gate system.

From water pumps to hot water systems, and everything in between, Mr Electri City can do it all. Mr Electri City is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can minimise your downtime with their quick response times.

They understand time is pertinent on a farm and get your systems working again as quickly as possible. With years’ of experience in electrical work in milking sheds and their operations, Mr Electri City can keep your production flowing. Contact the team today!

Test tagging is compulsary for all electrical machinery, tools and items used in any type of business. Test tagging must be carried out routinely to check the tool, machine or item reaches legal safety requirements. With different tags for different items, and each with their own time limits set, it is imperative to get a professional, registered electrician to carry out the inspections. Some of the larger machinery or smaller electrical tools used in industrial industries must be tested and tagged every three months, while other items can have tags that last up to five years.

For clarification on what you need to do with test tags, call in the professionals who will simplify the process and ensure you are reaching your legal requirements, while also preventing harm to your workers from unmaintained or faulty equipment.

Mr Electri City can fix anything to do with your stove and oven. Thermostat blown? Elements not working as they should? Call Mr Electri City.

From new cooker knobs to oven light bulbs, and all sorts of elements, Mr Electri City is your first and best place to call to get it sorted in time to get cooking again. Contact the team today!

Mr Electri City can help you with all your surround sound and audio visual installation needs, ensuring the perfect set-up is created for you in your home, office or workspace.

From small speakers to large entertainment spaces, to outside living spaces and new buildings, they can wire you for sound and get the results you want.

Have you purchased a new television and need a new aerial point installed? Or need your television wired into the perfect space on your lounge wall – Call the team today and they will make it happen.

Is an electric car or van right for you or your business? Mr Electri City thinks so. So much so that that they have spent the time to do the research and even gone as far as purchasing and using an Electric Van as their main fleet vehicle.

The Nissan E-NV200 Van is a 100% Electric Vehicle, sharing the same proven technology as the Nissan LEAF but with a larger van body. With no internal combustion engine or traditional transmission, it has far fewer moving parts than the average van, which means lower maintenance costs. Is the E-NV200 the right choice for your business? Maybe, maybe not but either way we can give you valuable advice before you purchase to ensure you get the right Electric Vehicle for your needs.

As Whangarei's only locally owned electrical firm to own and operate a fully electric vehicle Mr Electri City is uniquely qualified to give you unbiased pre-purchase advice on what's involved with owning an Electric car. The team can also install charging stations for you, both at home and at your offices or workshop. Contact the team today!

Experts in Solar Power: Whangarei and Northland-wide

Are you thinking of switching to solar power? Whangarei is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s hot-spots when it comes to solar power and alternative energy solutions. Mr Electri City has a highly-trained team of solar energy expert electricians, all of whom have hands-on experience when it comes to hybrid and full-solar systems. We are able to offer practical advice, real-life cost analysis, and solutions for those who aren’t quite sure what they’re looking for.

Is solar energy cost effective? We know what works – and what doesn’t.

Too often, we hear of people who embark upon an off-grid power solution thinking that it will be the cheapest option for their lifestyle. Unfortunately, the basic truth of any solar power setup is that it does involves a fair amount of start-up cost. Good quality solar panels, large, reliable batteries for storage, and unique energy-saving home-designs – not to mention appliances and wiring… The costs of installing a full solar power system can be prohibitive, with payback on power bills saved running into the decades.

Save money, ask Northland’s solar experts FIRST.

Beginning with an overview of your household requirements and your lifestyle needs, we work backwards to achieve a realistic solar energy solution that will benefit you and your family. We only use top quality products, including Enphase, Renesola, Suntellite, LG Chem & SMA, Trinasolar and Solax. We have road tested every product personally, meaning that you won’t be wasting money and time on inferior solar products. We design all of our own systems together with you, ensuring that the end result will meet your expectations, and we are happy to design and install, simply assist with the design process, or install solar power systems into a completed design. Working with a Northland company means you’re working directly with your installer – if you have any questions in the future, we’ll be here to help. The choice is yours – the expertise is ours.

The best heat pumps Northland has to offer:

Keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round: we service, supply and maintain heat pumps Northland wide, offering an excellent range of products and highly professional installations. We are able to offer single heat pump units and multi room solutions, right up to ducted systems that supply full home temperature control. These units can be integrated with your hot water system for more energy efficient results, as well as tying in with a ventilation system to introduce fresh air at the same time. A truly warmer, drier, healthier home can now be achieved with our forward thinking technology.

Choosing the right heat pump – we can help!

The square footage of your space, combined with the layout of your home or office, will determine not only the power of the heat pump you will need, but also the possible locations to mount it. Where you place your heat pump will have a great impact on it’s efficiency and heating capability, therefore we highly recommend taking the time to speak with a qualified professional before proceeding. Selecting the right heat pump for your home or office will make all the difference to your comfort – and your wallet! Other considerations include the sound level of your heat pump, the functionality and – of course – the cost. We’re happy to work through your requirements, matching your practical needs with the perfect heat pump unit.

Maintaining and servicing heat pumps throughout Whangarei and Northland

Keeping your heat pump in optimum working condition requires regular maintenance and correct usage. We can’t stress the importance of regular, scheduled maintenance highly enough: your new heat pump will come with a manufacturer’s warranty – but in order for this warranty to be honoured, owners need to follow specific regulations. The most important of these is that your heat pump must be installed by a qualified, registered electrician, and it will need to be regularly serviced according to the guidelines laid out within your documentation. Failing to follow the servicing guidelines could lead to a loss of functionality and the voidance of your warranty – which is a disastrous outcome for all involved!

Rewiring and Renovations

Renovating? Mr Electri City can assist you with your plans before you start, and ensuring that all your wiring needs are taken care of. Rewiring a house and bringing it up to recent legal standards is a specialist field and Mr Electri City is experienced and knowledgeable.

Hot water elements

Mr Electri City can replace or repair your hot water system before it gets too late. Having problems with your hot water cylinder? Do you think the element needs replacing? Call the team today.

Security Lights

Keep yourself safe from trips and falls, and also alert yourself to visitors entering your property with well-placed security lighting. Mr Electri City can provide the lights you need, and install them on at the right locations on your home or business to ensure you can see who is coming, or where you are going, when the sun has set.

Bulbs – Big or Small

Any light bulbs that you require, from your oven to your ceiling, contact Mr Electri City who can provide you with the right bulb for the job.

Power points

Do you need more power points in your home or office, or just need a few in more specific areas – Call Mr Electri City for quick installation and have the convenience of knowing you have power points where you need them in your surrounds.